True Patient Engagement Platform

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Who can use MEIDIDOC?

There are three types of general users – Provider (PCP/Specialty), Staff and Patient.

Providers – Can now leverage a workflow to have Compliant Virtual Visits using Text, Voice and Video.

Staff – the clinicians that are associated to the physician can engage in a virtual visit service with the provider’s patients.

Patient - now has an option to visit their provider's office, safe, compliant and on demand.

Why would I use MEIDIDOC?

MEIDIDOC enables the office to engage their patients and build loyalty. Today there are many options for patients to receive Healthcare services, Urgent Care, Emergency Room, and Pharmacy based services. We will work with the provider’s office to build out their clinic or Health system on the platform, and then utilize a “Request for Connection” workflow to create a relationship. Now rather than sending patients that need service to other sources, they can engage in a virtual visit with their Provider.

What can I be seen for online?

Each Providers office is different based on the type of provider they are and the type of payment they will take. Some providers may have a flat fee for certain services, colds, cuts rashes and the likes, some will have ICD codes that will be paid for by the Government or Commercial Entities and a combination of the two, talk to your provider about using MEIDIDOC.

What can I gain if I used MEIDIDOC?

For the…

Health System – Increase patient visits, keep the patient with their PCP, be preventive in the delivery of care and maintaining the patient’s health.

Is MEIDIDOC a Telemedicine solution?

There is a component of telemedicine that is used to connect the provider and their patients, however, the similarities end there, MEIDIDOC is a True Patient Engagement Platform. The app was developed to allow a provider and their patient to interact far beyond the office visit, this will allow the provider to deliver preventive focused care and retain their patients.

What do you mean by workflows?

A flow through the app and the system so that the person using it achieves the right outcome. The fundamental components, connection request flow, accept & reject flow, the engagement flow, the charging component to accept payment and the ability to add dependents. These are available to all providers offices and can be configured to enhance the office flow.

How do you ensure compliance?

We use very limited user data and follow HIPAA guidelines to construct our database, we leverage AWS compliant services such as the Encryption and Authentication service. We are currently engaging with clients to validate and receive our certifications.

33% of my patients can be seen virtually, what can you do for our office?

Since you have categorized the type of visits that can be done virtually, we would setup MEIDIDOC as your virtual office. Utilize your staff, a subset on MEIDIDOC and the others on in-office visits or use the flow for your office manager to triage visits among your staff.